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Scott Gordon

Hi, I'm Scott Gordon, CEO of Open Mortgage, LLC.

Scott Gordon is a serial entrepreneur with a professional education in software engineering, and an interest in start-ups and business investing. Currently the CEO of Open Mortgage, LLC, a mortgage banking company with 120+ offices in 23 states.

Scott Gordon's Background

Scott Gordon's Experience

Co-Founder, Chairman at Green City Finance, LLC

June 2009 - 2009

Green City Finance, LLC is an Austin TX based financial services provider, helping municipalities grow renewable energy portfolios by providing financing options for consumers and businesses.

Investor at Vumasco

2007 - 2008

Angel Investor at HelioVolt

2001 - 2008

First angel investor outside of founder and family.

Lead Investor at Integratus

June 1998 - July 2002

Integratus was a storage management software company, which was purchased by VERITAS Software.

Lead Investor, Interim CEO at

2001 - 2002

A web-based service promoting consumer credit awareness and credit improvement.

Founder, CEO at Brava Services, LLC

1993 - 2002

Developed a professional employer organization out of San Jose. Later sold to eWork Services.

Software Eng, Proj Mgr at VERITAS Software

1992 - 1999

Co-Founder, Software Geek at C.A.R.E. Solutions Inc.

April 1988 - December 1989

C.A.R.E. Solutions (Computer Aided Real Estate Solutions) was a turn-key systems provider to Real Estate Professionals. CARE produced cutting edge software for residential Real Estate Agents. However, the company was formed about 5 years before the introduction of the Web, and before all Realtors realized residential real estate is essentially an information business.

Co-founder at G-Cube, Inc

1986 - 1987

Operating System Developer

Volunteer Pyro Tech at Wolf Stuntworks, Inc.

June 2005

Pyro tech for fireworks shows and pyro effects. Also armchair business advisor.

Owner at Open Mortgage, LLC

January 2003

At Open I am the 'Defender of the Faith'. It's my job to lead the adoption of a common vision, by all of our employees.

Investor, Board Member at Open Lending, Inc


Open Lending provides automated decisioning and reposession-loss insurance in the Credit Union space.

Scott Gordon's Education

Arizona State University

1979 – 1982


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